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Some Virginia cities are taking a proactive stance in improving air quality and ensuring good stewardship of city resources by taking action in the clean transportation revolution. The City of Roanoke, for example, is using electric vehicles in city operations and helping to highlight that usage by participating in a project called EV-WATTS (Electric Vehicles – Widescale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions)

The City already uses both hybrid and all-electric vehicles in its fleet. It is reportedly planning to expand its EV footprint in the near future. Additionally, the City has installed “Level 2” and “Level 3” (DC Fast Charging) chargers for public use in its downtown area.

Through EV-WATTS, the City will provide charging and usage data on its electric vehicle operations to the national project supervised by the U.S. Department of Energy. By providing this information, Roanoke is helping to showcase the use of EVs in Virginia and the need for additional resources to support them like further education, research and investment in infrastructure. The expanded use of cleaner transportation options reduces air pollution, contributes to the Commonwealth’s economy and saves money! Cheers to Roanoke for being proactive and helping to show us how it’s done!


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